Toshio Horikiri
Toshio Horikiri

CEO of Toyota Engineering Corporation


Toshio Horikiri is a principal consultant to a number of major companies in China, the US, Japan and Russia. He is currently President of Toyota Engineering Corporation, President of the Toyota Management Institute, and CEO of the TPS Certification Centre. In 1966 he joined the Toyota Company.

From 1979-1987 Toshio was Head of production and technology department in foreign countries, where his responsibilities included planning, launching production lines, improving related technologies at Toyota plants and joint ventures with Toyota in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal and China, managing the interaction with companies - suppliers of automotive parts, was responsible for localization of products and reducing production costs. He was then appointed Head of Production Department of Kiozui Motors, Ltd. in Taiwan.

From 1990 to 1993, he was Chief Engineer of Overseas Production Planning Department at Kiozui Motors Ltd where he was responsible for the plant construction project in Taiwan, production resetting, T-TPS training and implementation, quality circle establishment, and supervision of Toyota's production process improvement activities in India and Pakistan). Afterwards, he was promoted to Chief Engineer of Overseas Production Planning Department and China Department (in charge of Toyota's factory construction projects in China).

In 2000, Toshio became chief engineer of Overseas Project Support Department (in charge of T-TPS implementation at plants in Southeast Asia, Australia and India).

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After working 36 years at Toyota, Toshio Horikiri is able to continue his experience with Toyota Engineering Corporation and share all valuable knowledge he gained with people through his speeches. His areas of expertise include technology, innovation and the future.

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