Mauro Casellini
Mauro Casellini

Mauro Casellini is experienced in the field of Blockchain in Liechtenstein. He is a Board Member of the Crypto Country Association and the CEO of Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein.

His first job in Liechtenstein was at Bank Frick where he developed a big knowhow in the areas of Banking, Fintech and Payment.

This combination inevitably led to the topic of blockchain, where he recognized early that this technology will be the future technology for the financial industry.

In his final role, he was Head of Blockchain and PSP, where he implemented the bank's corporate strategy in the field of blockchain banking and payment services.

In 2019 he joined Bitcoin Suisse, the leading blockchain financial services provider from Switzerland, where he is now responsible for the European business and driving the company towards obtaining a banking license in Liechtenstein.

Mauro Casellini talks about the potential that he sees in blockchain technology. He explains how complicated today's financial infrastructure is based on the use case of payments and talks about the opportunity which this newer technology will deliver. In his talk he simplifies the functionality of the blockchain technology which clearly highlight its benefits compared to the traditional, heavily centralized financial infrastructure.