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Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams is one of Europe’s best known HR executives. Throughout her career, Lucy has dedicated her time to bettering the working environments and relations of some of the country’s largest companies.

She led HR and internal communications at the BBC and now offers a number of challenges, new models and fresh insights to support business leaders. Since leaving the BBC, Lucy has been working with major organizations to help them re-think their approach to leading change, employee engagement, HR and internal communications.

From the BBC to Serco, Lucy has developed her expertise in communications and has spearheaded the HR offering of a range of companies. With previous experience in remuneration, business strategy, change management and restructuring teams.

Today, Lucy is often booked as a keynote speaker for events covering her expertise in business and human relations. Lucy is also well known for her tenure as the HR Director of the BBC, where she achieved great success such as reducing costs for the company by 20%, pension reforms and restructuring of the BBC Executive Board.