Kevin Surace
Kevin Surace

CEO, CTO, Broadway & Film Producer, Board Member, innovator, visionary, angel, technology architect, speaker - across a broad technology landscape - AI, ML and automation, software, mfg, environment, consumer, SAAS etc.

Serial entrepreneur building companies from $0 to $1B+ valuation. Awarded 94 worldwide patents (32 in the US). Love creating breakthrough tech, speaking to diverse groups and sharing experiences.

INC Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009. Kevin is CTO of which has developed ground breaking AI based autonomous software testing in a SAAS platform.

He is also Chair of TOKEN which offers the worlds first 5FA authentication. Kevin was CEO of Serious Energy for 9 years, where he helped develop, patent and produce technologies that reduce energy usage in buildings, the largest contributor of CO2. Building the team to 420 people driving a 63% CAGR while delivering high tech materials, products, and software (automated SAAS building management) to 70,000 projects including the Empire State Building and New York Stock Exchange and thousands of homes. Today well over $1B of products originated at Serious are installed.

Keynote Speaker Programs

  • Bring silicon-valley disruptive innovation to your organization
  • Digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence and automation and it's impact on your company