Kevin Gaskell
Kevin Gaskell

As CEO of four successful world class brands, and as a serial entrepreneur who has built international companies from nothing more than ‘a good idea,’ Kevin has created over $5 billion in shareholder value and yet has still found time to break a world record, climb the world’s highest mountains, walk to both North and South Poles, compete in international sports, and play in a rock band.

Gaskell was appointed Managing Director of Porsche at age 32 after just five years with the company. He was responsible for the turnaround of the UK business as well as the growth and redevelopment of the brand. He has a passion for actions that get results – in everything he does. He went on to serve as Managing Director of BMW GB. His energy and leadership has helped companies including Porsche GB, BMW GB, Lamborghini GB, epyx and EurotaxGlass’s to achieve world class levels of customer service and financial performance.

He was recognized as ‘One of the top 40 leaders under 40 in the UK’ by Business Age magazine.

His companies have won global start up competitions and his leadership teams recognised with ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Best Private Equity Investment of the Year’ awards from the Sunday Times.

Kevin is a natural communicator with the ability to lead, build and motivate a management team and to engage the team throughout an organization. He is the author of Inspired Leadership: How You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results in Business.

Keynote Speaker Programs

  • Inspired leadership in a challenging market
- Inspire the desire for change, build belief
- Generate shared ownership of the plan, make the impossible possible
- Differentiate market share vs opportunity share
- Dare to dream, motivate, create genius thinking
- Establish the culture of inspired leadership, sustain success

  • Inspiration and energy for high performance teams
- Special times, special leadership
- How to Inspire your team to build an extraordinary business
- Focus on the people and the rest will follow
- Create incredible teams and a winning culture
- Business transformation
- Make the complex simple, inspire world class performance

  • Building a world class brand
- Recognise the intrinsic value of the brand, challenge and adapt
- Differentiate customer’s needs vs demands
- Determine brand attributes, ensure relevance to market, achieve pull vs push
- Build shared ownership, implement 360 degree brand evolution
- Inspire continuous progress and development