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Kate Ancketill

CEO and founder of Business Futurist consultancy GDR


Drawing on 20 years' experience of advising multi-billion dollar blue chips on their innovation pathways, Kate provides field-tested insights into the technological and human innovations that will change the shape of business over the next five years.

As founder and CEO, Kate is the chief storyteller at GDR Creative Intelligence, a retail trends and strategy consultancy working with an impressive roster of brands including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, P&G, Hilton, LVMH, Capital One, Macy's, Tesco and Lego. It combines big picture context with carefully curated case studies from the world's leading designers, technologists, marketers, architects and thought leaders to illustrate how new technologies and consumer behaviours will impact physical and digital commerce.

She advises on the near to medium term future of customer experience, the evolution of marketing and how best-in-class global players are using technology to meet new environmental and customer demands. Kate takes a cross-industry, global view of innovation, encompassing every interaction between brand and consumer, on- and offline.

Her aim is to leave audiences feeling inspired about their industry and their own ability to create, shape or transform the future. She has the ability to clearly explain complex trends, societal shifts or emerging technologies in a way that is relatable to any audience.

The speaker talks about:

Kate delivers compelling big stories that explain how retail, brands and experiences are changing as a result of climate, economic, cultural and social change, the technology revolution and the cost of living crisis.

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