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Katarina Blom

Happiness psychologist and author of books on mental wellbeing.


Katarina Blom, a motivational speaker and renowned happiness psychologist, holds the key to unlocking lasting happiness and success in both individuals and organizations.

With her captivating presence and deep expertise in positive psychology, Katarina empowers audiences to embrace the power of happiness and well-being to foster a thriving work culture.

When you book Katarina Blom for your event, you’re offering your team a unique opportunity to gain practical tools and insights that resonate with real-life challenges. Katarina’s keynote speeches go beyond theoretical knowledge, delivering actionable strategies that address the everyday obstacles hindering success.

As a trusted authority in the field, Katarina Blom has established herself as a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with her transformative insights and inspiring presentations. Her engaging manner and ability to translate complex concepts into relatable examples make her keynotes an invaluable asset for organizations seeking meaningful change.
Through her bestselling books, award-winning TEDx talk, and co-hosting of a hit TV show, Katarina has garnered widespread recognition for her expertise and authenticity. Organizations worldwide have witnessed the positive impact of Katarina’s keynotes on team dynamics, resilience, and overall happiness.

So, if you’re ready to elevate well-being, inspire productivity, and foster healthier relationships within your organization, look no further than Katarina Blom. Book Katarina Blom for your event and embark on a transformative journey towards lasting happiness and success. Let her insights and passion lead your team to new heights, creating a brighter and more fulfilling future for your organization.

The speaker talks about:

Unlock the secrets of happiness with a leading happiness psychologist. Katarina Blom’s deep knowledge in positive psychology equips your team with invaluable insights for personal and professional growth.

Keynote Speaker Programs:

  • Overcoming Challenges
  • The Theory of Happiness

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