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Dr. Justin Kennedy

Expert in organizational neuroscience


Professor JJ Kennedy is an executive health coach, healthcare professional and expert in organizational neuroscience.

Dr. Kennedy holds the position as the professor of applied
neuroscience and organizational behaviour at UGSM-Monarch Business School, & University, in Zug, Switzerland. He is a Ph.D. professor and supervisor with several other U. K., Australian and U.S. universities.

He is globally respected as a ‘pracademic’ and supervises Ph.D. candidates. He is collaborating
with transdisciplinary thought leaders and building a community of brain-based coaching
practitioners to standardize the practice of applied neuroplasticity. His highly acclaimed book,
Brain Re-Boot, offers various applications from behavioural neuroscience, neuroeconomics, social neuroscience, and neuroplasticity. The book offers brain-based tools and behavioural hacks that have been shown to build resilience and improve cognitive performance in organizational life. His academic work defines the model of ‘Organisational Wellbeing Neuroscience’ in a UK textbook (SAGE publications).

His research at the Institute of Organizational Neuroscience informs his executive coaching
processes, and his coaching practice is informed by his academic and business research, where he has proposed the model of organizational well-being neuroscience (OWN) and the emerging
discipline of the Neuroplastician.

The speaker talks about:

Dr. Kennedy delves into the field of Applied Neuroplasticity and Organizational Wellbeing. Drawing from his expertise as a Neuroplastician and a coach, he presents practical strategies and interventions rooted in neuroscience to enhance wellbeing within organizations.

Keynote Speaker Programs:

  • The Emerging Discipline of the Brain-Coach as Neuroplastician
  • How Coaching Improves Neuroplasticity
  • "Unlocking Wellbeing: Applying Neuroscience-Based Interventions"
  • "Fostering Psychological Safety: Insights from Social Neuroscience"
  • "Collaborating on Research Partnerships: Bridging Academics and Organizations"

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