Jaspreet Bindra
Jaspreet Bindra

Jaspreet Bindra is the Managing Director and Founder of Tech Whisperer Limited UK, which does Advisory and Consulting work on Digital Transformation AI, Blockchain, and the Future of Work. He also represents Findability Sciences, a Softbank-invested enterprise AI firm, as their Chief Tech Whisperer / Chief Evangelist.

He is the author of the bestselling book ‘The Tech Whisperer: On Digital Transformation and the Technologies that Enable it’, published by Penguin Random House, as well as ‘The Immune Organisation: Future Proofing Organisations from COVID-like Disruptions’, published by Amazon Westland. He is also pursuing his second Masters in AI, Ethics and Society at Cambridge University.

In his corporate life, Jaspreet was the Group Chief Digital Officer at Mahindra Group, a $25bn conglomerate, and a Regional Director at Microsoft India. He was recognized as the inaugural ‘Digitalist of the Year’ by Mint and SAP in 2017, is a Global Moderator/Educator for Harvard Business, and was Scholar-in-Residence at the Indian School of Business as well as a Partner and Chapter Leader of Singularity University.

Jaspreet is a thought-leader in the Blockchain space in India, and he has built Proof of Concepts and products based on this technology. He is on the Advisory Board of Blockchained India, India’s largest Blockchain community, is invested in few Blockchain start-ups, and has delivered a platform-leading TEDx talk on this technology.

He has also lectured and taught Digital Disruption and Transformation and Blockchain at leading Indian and US Business Schools (including HBS, INSEAD, Indian Institute of Management).

He is a leading speaker on digital and technology and has keynoted and spoken at 250+ corporate events and conferences and corporate gatherings across India, US, UK, Africa, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. Jaspreet is a Chemical Engineer and an MBA in International Business. He is also a three-time National champion in Brand Equity Business Quiz. Jaspreet is also an accredited Leadership Coach (PCC – ICF) and has over 1000 hours of CXO coaching under his belt.