Ian Khan
Ian Khan

Ian Khan is a CNN featured Technology Futurist, 3 times TEDx Speaker, Director of highly acclaimed documentary “Blockchain City". Ian is the creator and inventor of the Future Readiness Score, a management and Future Readiness methodology to help organizations address the impact of Disruption before it occurs.

Chief Futurist at boutique Future research firm Futuracy, Ian is one of the most widely quoted experts on Blockchain. He is also the creator of the “Future Readiness Score”, a revolutionary methodology to help organizations use a data based scientific approach to profitability and success.

Ian is an Adjunct Professor of Technology at the Wroclaw University of Economics & Business, Poland. And also he is a Linkedin Learning Instructor and a course creator for Metaverse and related topics.

Ian is author of 8 books, including the Future Ready Organization, The 7 Axioms and a multiple documentary film maker. His films Blockchain City, GX Now and Ai the Next Frontier capture key technological developments and the future. He is also an adjunct professor for ESADE, developing technology education curriculum for higher education and executive learners.

He is member of the Forbes Coaches Council, The National Speaker Association, Association of Professional Futurist and the Project Management Institute.

Keynote Speaker Programs

  • Artificial Intelligence – The Next Frontier: What are the possibilities of artificial intelligence replacing humans, creating unprecedented automation and augmenting humanity ?
  • Hackers Delight: How is Cryptocurrency Helping Hackers Become More Impactful
  • The Distributed ledger Economy: How Blockchain promises to Change the World
  • The Convergence Trifecta: How Blockchain, IoT & AI will Change the Future of Business
  • The Bitcoin Dilemma: The Past, Present & Future of Cryptocurrencies
  • BlockchainThe Rise of Cities of the Future: The state of Blockchain and the rise of distributed ledger technology to change the nature of trust