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Friederike Fabritius

Trailblazer in the field of neuroleadership


Friederike Fabritius is a neuroscientist, keynote speaker, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who works with executives of Fortune 500 companies around the globe to transform how they think, innovate, and navigate change.

After starting at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research and then continuing as a Management consultant with McKinsey, Friederike now applies her unique expertise in neuroleadership. Friederike Fabritius has worked with C-level executives from more than 164 countries in creating brain-friendly ways of working. It also led her to write her award-winning book The Leading Brain, which was published by Random House and has been translated internationally.

Her new book The Brain-Friendly Workplace: Why talented people quit and how to get them to stay is a Wall Street Journal bestseller and brings the novel concept of Neurosignature Diversity into the workplace. She also serves on the Council of the German Academy for Science and Engineering to advise the government on new technologies, innovation, and intelligence.

The speaker talks about:

Through her experience as a neuroscientist and manager in a consultancy company, Frederica demonstrates how to use neuroscience to help the audience work smarter and happier. She delivers complex ideas and science in a way that her audience can easily digest, understand and use for their own development.

Keynote Speaker Programs:

  • Fail, Fail, and Fail again - Creating a Positive Failure Culture
  • Creating Resilience - The Neuroscince of Leading through a Crisis
  • The Neuroscience of Innovation
  • Creating the Brain-Friendly Workplace
  • Jumpstart your Learning with Neuroscience
  • Using Neuroscience to Bulid Trust in a Hybrid World
  • Fun Fear and Focus

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