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Erik Wahl

Graffiti artist, speed-painter, author and entrepreneur


Erik Wahl is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, best selling author and graffiti artist. Wahl has also been described as the Picasso of Productivity. He owns The Wahl Group, a consulting firm, and has spoken at Microsoft, Disney and other corporate conventions.

In the meantime, inspired by street art, he became an acclaimed graffiti artist—though he has since stopped selling his works for personal gain, and instead uses his art to raise money for charities. During his presentations, Wahl creates paintings of thinkers, leaders and cultural icons such as Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and other celebrities. In 2011, Wahl created a 10,000 square foot Mona Lisa in the desert near Los Angeles. The following year, he was selected by TED to be a speaker in the TED2012: Full Spectrum series.

Wahl authored Unthink: Unthink has been named CEO Reads book of the year for 2013. His new book, The Spark, and the Grind, activates the essential components of translating ideas into action. His breakthrough thinking has earned praise from the likes of top influencers in both art and business.

The speaker talks about:

Wahl's background as an artist and business strategist makes him one of today's most sought-after corporate speakers. Using painting on the stage as a visual story for his core message, he inspires organisations to increase their profitability through innovation and a higher level of performance.

Keynote Speaker Programs:

  • The art of vision
  • The art of leadership
  • The discipline of creativity
  • Unthink

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