Chris Barton
Chris Barton

Chris Barton is the co-founder at Shazam Entertainment Limited and was its first CEO.

Chris Barton is a co-founder and former Board Director of Shazam, and expert in mobile applications. At Shazam, he helped guide the music discovery company from idea to profit as co-founder and Board Director. Today, Shazam is among the most popular apps on both iPhone and Android with over 120 million monthly active users. Shazam was bought by Apple in September 2018. According to Wikipedia, it was the fifth largest acquisition by Apple in its history. Shazam had raised $140 million in venture capital.

He has also worked eight years at Google focused on mobile and at Dropbox as head of mobile operators development. Barton holds a BA and an MBA from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree in Finance from Cambridge University.

Keynote Speaker Programs

  • Picking the right obsession
  • Story of creating Shazam and "touchy feely" lessons for entrepreneurs
  • Lessons for entrepreneurs collected from my Shazam experience
  • Shazam’s early years: surviving difficult times & the keys to startup success
  • Breaking the sound barrier - challenges we faced and lessons we learned in building Shazam