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Former Chief Scientist at Amazon, Data Coach of Jack Ma and Angela Merkel


Andreas Weigend, the author of “Data for the People”, was the chief scientist at Amazon and a member of the Digital Council of Germany.

He works with organizations on consumer data strategy and AI in banking, telecommunication, travel, and retail. He advises Zozo in Japan, SCG in Thailand, and startups in Silicon Valley. He advises companies that want to embrace this new reality of social data. Together, they design interactive platforms and real-time systems that empower them and their customers to make better decisions.

As Amazon's chief scientist, Andreas helped create the firm's data strategy and customer-centric culture.He shares his insights at events around the globe, including in the fall of 2019 a session on Identity and Trust at TEDx in Bangkok, a speech on Data: The New Rules at SLUSH in Helsinki, and the keynote The Data Dilemma at the SWIFT Innovation conference in London.

Andreas studied physics and philosophy in Karlsruhe, Cambridge and Bonn, before moving to Stanford for his Ph.D. in neural networks. He teaches courses on AI and Data Science at Stanford, Berkeley, and in Asia.

The speaker talks about:

Andreas challenge listeners to realize the unprecedented possibilities the Social Data Revolution brings to people, business, and society. His speeches are anchored in his research and the insights Andreas gains from working with students, successful startups, and influential executives. He analyzes emerging trends in how businesses can harness the power of data and mobile-social technologies.

Keynote Speaker Programs:

  • Transforming Big Data into Big Decisions
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Data
  • Data is the New Oil.

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