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Andrea Marchiotto

Senior eCommerce leader and Content Marketing expert with more than fifteen years of experience in eCom


Andrea Marchiotto is an emerging AI Strategist and seasoned Product Leader with a passion for leveraging technology to drive growth and innovation. With a career spanning roles at Videowindow, an innovative B2B tech startup that combines glare control with immersive entertainment using procedural generative AI, Andrea brings a wealth of experience in new business strategy development and product leadership.

At Philips, he led an internal startup developing a membership business model underpinned by Web3 technologies, championing the first Web3 strategy. During his tenure at Unilever, Andrea spearheaded the development and execution of the global online strategy for the Foods category, launching a sustainable portfolio worth €80+ million tailored to eCommerce needs. As a key player at Amazon, part of the founding team of Amazon Italy, he achieved groundbreaking sales and quadruple-digit growth for key sales events by leveraging data and digital marketing strategies.

Andrea is the creator of the ARIA (AI-empowered Responsive, Innovative, and Adaptive) AI Leadership Framework, a tool that guides leaders in leveraging AI while maintaining a focus on human values, collaboration, and continuous learning. He is also the founder of BlackCube, an experimental brand offering AI applications, tools, and AI-generated digital art products.


  • Andrea Marchiotto was named as one of the Top Trainers in Europe in May 2016 while working at Amazon.

The speaker talks about:

A thought leader in the eCommerce and AI space, Andrea is passionate about sharing his insights and experiences to help businesses navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Keynote Speaker Programs:

  • Exploring the Intersection of AI and Digital Art
  • Introducing the ARIA Framework
  • Building and Leading Cross-Functional Growth Teams
  • Adapting eCommerce Strategies in the Age of AI
  • Leading Product Development & Marketing in AI-focused Companies
  • Developing Effective AI Strategies

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